2022-2023 AM Bus Routes

Route 1

     Bus #: 84

     Approximate Start Time: 7:15 am

     Approximate Run Time: 54 minutes

Route begins with Village Stops at S. Main St. (111 S Main st.), Competent St. & Needham St.,  West Side of S. Main St., Route 39, E. Lake Rd., Fairview Rd., Camp Rd. Silver Lake Stops @ Hedding Rd. & Perry Ave., Haven Rd. & Perry Ave., East Side of S. Main St., Village Stops  at S. Main St. & Lincoln Ave., Main St. & Travers Pl.

Route 2

     Bus #: 71

     Approximate Start Time: 6:30 am

     Approximate Run Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Route begins at North side of Route 20A (West side of Route 246), Bauer Rd., South side of Route 20A, Coe Rd. Burke Hill Rd., Cowie Rd., Lake Rd., Westview Dr., Route 246 (South of Route 20A), Village Stop at N. Center St., and Pine St.

Route 3

     Bus #: 64

     Approximate Start Time: 6:45 am

     Approximate Run Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Route begins with Simmons Rd., Page Rd., Butler Rd., Simmons Rd.,  Burke Hill Rd., Route 246 (North of 20A), LaGrange Rd., Route 246, Route 20A (East of Route 246), Simmons Rd. (South of Route 20A).

Route 4

     Bus #:66

     Approximate Start Time: 6:55 am

     Approximate Run Time: 1 hour

Route begins with Water St., Gardeau Rd., Middle Reservation Rd., Schenck Rd., Slocum Rd., Sanford Rd., Lower Reservation Rd., East Center Rd.,  Middle Reservation Rd., St. Helena St., Village Stops at Saint Helena St. & Watrous St., Watrous St. and Spring St., Dolbeer St. & Spring St., Borden Ave., Village Stop on Leicester St., N. Main St.

Route 5

     Bus #:83

     Approximate Start Time: 6:45 am

     Approximate Run Time: 1:10 hour

Route begins with Water St., County Line Rd., Route 39, Perry Rd., Gibsonville Rd., Crapsey Rd., Route 39, Twinbridge Rd., Handley Rd., Village Bus Stops at Handley St. & Walnut St., Gardeau St. (63 Gardeau St.)

Route 6

     Bus #:72

     Approximate Start Time: 6:35 am

     Approximate Run Time: 1:20 hour

Route begins with Silver Lake Rd., Oatka Rd., Beardsley Rd., Abbott Rd., Sowerby Rd., Chamberlain Rd., Abbott Rd., Club Rd., West Lake Rd., Shearman Rd., Suckerbrook Rd., Bacon Rd., Oatka Rd., Walker Rd. & Lake Ave. Bus Stop, Walker Rd., Lake St., Village Bus Stops at Lake St. Apts., Chestnut St., & Lake St., Pine St., Federal St., Village Bus Stop at Federal St. & Lake St.